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Now Available

New Release
of the 1952
Course Lectures
by D. Folgere

These will be issued on a monthly basis with the first month available right now!

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What makes U Tick

By Clearbird
This new book "What makes U Tick" is a new book by Clearbird on the basics of Lafayette Ron Hubbards Philosophy.
e-book only


Professional Course Lecture Series

By D Folgere

The Professional Course Booklets, also known as the 50 Course Booklets, were originally compiled and rewritten from transcripts of lectures given by Lafayette Ronald Hubbard during the Spring and Summer of 1952.

The first 27 booklets parallel the 27 lectures of the Hubbard College Lecture Series given in Wichita in March 1952. Booklets 2E to 28 are taken from the Technique 80 Lectures of Phoenix, May 1952. The remaining 19 booklets are based on the Technique 88 Lectures of June 1952. Tapes of these lectures were supplemented by the booklets and together they formed the Professional Course.

These "50 Course Books" carry forward all the basic technology Dianetics and Scientology, with particular emphasis on the material developed between January and December, 1952. They contained an enormous amount of material fundamental to an understanding of the mind, many with illustrations. They could be said to have comprised a study course in themselves, but were, at the same time, part and parcel of the Professional Course.

They have been out of print for many years and have been generally unavailable. But now this vital information will be available from Gold Century Press, publishers to the scientologists Freezone, at a nominal cost in either soft copy or e-book format. These have been reformatted and errors corrected. All proceeds will be donated to the International Freezone Association.

Note: These are lecture notes written by D Folgere and are not transcripts of Lafayette Ron Hubbard Taped lectures. Keep in mind that these were written by another. They are not source material. If you prefer to read only source material directly from Lafayete Ron Hubbard, it is strongly suggested you buy books written by L.Ron Hubbard and preferably those issued prior to 1982. There is no guarantee that books issued by the RTC after 1982 have not been altered or changed in text. See for further information.

Each book will be available individually at 7.95USD for an e-book and USD Including shipping costs for soft copy.

Each month more books will become available and the links below will become active as that booklet is published. Do check back on a regular basis to see which books are available by the active links below.

1 Introductory Lecture 12 2006
2 2nd Echelon of Knowledge 11 2006
3 Properties of Theta 11 2006
4 Motion & the Tone Scale 12 2006
5 Thought 11 2006
6 Thought, Emotion - the Handling of Motion 11 2006
7 Effort & Counter Effort; Responsibility, A.R.C 13 2007
8 The Attack on the Preclear 13 2007
9 How to Handle Facimiles 12 2007
10 Indoctrination of the Preclear 10 2007
11 Resolution of Effort & Counter Effort: Overt Acts 11 2007
12 The Electropsychometer 12 2008
13 Thought, Emotion, Effort: Maybes 12 2008
14 Effort Processing: Demonstration 13 2008
15 Training Auditors tba 2006
16 The Anatomy of Facsimile One tba 2006
17 Theta Bodies tba 2006
18 Entities tba 2006
19 Remarks about Knowledge & a History of Theta Line tba 2006
20 Theta Line, Mest Body Line tba 2006
21 Theta-Body Anatomy tba 2006
22 How to Audit a Theta Line tba 2006
23 Theta Bodies tba 2006
24 Electro-psychometric Auditing tba 2006
25 Analysis of Memory & Abberation (Part 1) 12 2006
26 Analysis of Memory & Abberation (Part 2) tba 2006
27 Search for Incidents on the Track tba 2006
28 Theta's Goal of Being tba 2006
29 Dynamics & the Tone Scale tba 2006
30 Cause & Effect tba 2006
31 The Importance of a Body tba 2006
32 The Degeneration of Illusion tba 2006
33 The Solidness of Apathy tba 2006
34 Handling of Motion tba 2006
35 Tone Scale of Indecision tba 2006
36 Hollow Spots and Ridges tba 2006
37 Attention Unit Running 12 2006
38 The Behavior of Auditors tba 2006
39 Deds & Dedexes tba 2006
40 Religion & Scientology tba 2006
41 Evolution of Techniques tba 2006
42 Invasion & Reality tba 2006
43 Sex Practices of Thetans tba 2006
44 What to Tell Preclears tba 2006
45 Blanketing and Imprisioned Thetans tba 2006
46 Facsimiles, Real or Borrowed tba 2006
47 Energy Flows & Ridges tba 2006
48 Running Flows & Ridges tba 2006
49 "88" Straight Wire tba 2006
50 Whole track Incidents, (Black & White) 11 2007

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