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What makes U Tick

By Clearbird
This new book "What makes U Tick" is a new book by Clearbird on the basics of Lafayette Ron Hubbards Philosophy.
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About the Authors

Pat Krenik

Pat is a long time scientologist who has been around since the 1950s when Ron was around.

Patricia Krenik participated during the early formative years of Dianetics and Scientology. Born in the West Coast of Washington State, US of A in 1930, she graduated Vashon High School in 1947 and started her first employment as a long distance telephone operator for "Ma Bell". Soon after that she began raising a family and is the mother of eleven children and numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren.

After reading Dianetics, the Modern Science of Mental Health in 1951 she co-audited the books and bulletins as they came out. In 1954 she challenged the HCA test and passed, and began to help establish churches in Bremerton and Seattle. She trained under LRH in 1958 completing the "Clearing ACC" to return to WA as one of the first acknowledged Clears. She and her then husband, Ron Arnold, established and ran a franchise (mission) for the following two years.

Moving to Los Angeles in 1968 in the years following she graduated the SHSBC, the O.E.C, did the advanced solo levels and then the Ethics Specialist Course. She held the Ethics Officer post at L.A. Org and later joined the Sea Org for a short time.

As a writer, Pat Krenik had her own column for four years in Mail Profits Magazine. As a "freezone" Scientologist she is the author of "Scientology vs. Scientology" and is now residing in the small town of Elma, WA where she and her husband, Raymond J. Krenik, Jr. continue to deliver auditing and training.


Claire Bird is a nom de plume of a scientologist.

She is the author of 13 books on Ron Hubbard's applied philosophy. She became interested in Scientology over 30 years ago and is a highly trained and experienced auditor. She has worked as an auditor at a class 4 org and at several advanced organizations. She has also worked as a field auditor, an ethics officer, a course supervisor and in several executive positions.

"I have seen it as my mission to make standard technology, and the philosophy behind it, available to a wider audience than currently envisioned by the CoS. In my youth I promised Ron to help clear the planet. I am still working on it as is IFA and many other good people in the Freezone." said Claire.

Claire left the CoS over ten years ago realizing that the objectives had been "smoothly" changed to corporate goals of money and power. She is currently working on several additional books on the subject. Her books are available through IFAs bookstore and through Clearbird Publishing's bookstore at

Planned publications will also be made available through the above channels and through and Barnes & Noble worldwide.

Peter Gillham

Not much information about Peter Gillham is available. He was a chartered accountant and an Australian who entered scientology in the early days. He worked his way up the bridge to OT and a Class VIII Auditor. He wrote "Fundamentals of Success" which he apparently deliberately placed in the public domain so it would be available to everyone.

Peter also runs an extensive nutritional business and specialises in providing vitamin and nutritional supplements including the well known Cal-mag formulae.

He was a long term outstanding scientologist with much experience working with Ron.

D Folgere

Here is a photo of Richard DeMille with Barbara Kaye. Richard, who wrote under the non de plume D. Folgere, was one of L. Ron Hubbard's earliest celebrity recruits. He was the son of the famous director Cecil B. DeMille.

Richard De Mille (born 1922) was a Professor of psychology and an investigative journalist and author.

He wrote Castaneda's Journey: The Power and the Allegory, a book describing the detective work through which he proved that controversial author Carlos Castenada was a charlatan and plagiarist. He then edited a second book, The Don Juan Papers, This book contained documents representing views of Castenada across the spectrum.

De Mille also wrote a biography of his birth mother, screenwriter Lorna Moon. De Mille's birth father was William Demille, Cecil B. Demille's older brother. Cecil adopted and raised Richard; he did not tell him of his true parentage until William died.

Around this time de Mille became an early convert to the movement that was to become Scientology.

He became one of Hubbard's right-hand men during the early days of Dianetics and saw even, the establishment of Scientology.

He wrote an extensive series of notes on the lectures of Ron Hubbard and we will feature these on a regular basis over the coming months. See Professional Course Lecture Notes.

Ruth Minshull

Ruth Minshull was a writer of Scientology also. She produced a number of books that were very well received, even sold with the approval of the Founder, Lafayette Ron Hubbard. Since his demise these books have stopped being promoted by the Church. However they are a great introduction to the world of scientology and how it can be applied in everyday life.

According to the "Pilot"

"Sometime around 1980, give or take a year or two, they pulled her stuff out of the Scientology bookstores. This was at the time of the great purges and power strugles in the Church.

The pretended reason was that her books contained out-tech. In practice, it was only that some things had changed a bit and the books were slightly out of date. They certainly don't pull Hubbard's books out of the bookstores even though the processes are no longer current.

Really they were just eliminating another opinion leader who might make trouble. She was, after all, the only other author of technical Scientology books that was still being sold in the org bookstores at that time and people might have listened if she complained about some of the things that were going on.

The 3 later books seem to be things that were innocuous enough to keep her from getting in trouble while trying to make some money as a writer."

Ruth Minshull keeps a low profile these days. She is still alive and very well living in Ann Arbor.

Checkout the Ruth Minshull Downloads. Also available here in German

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